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We cannot always be in the right place at the right time searching for California's magical mind-blowing visual wonders. They are moments most often in natural settings. Often during the cooler springtime, Anza Borrego Desert's desert-scape opens to surprising sights in the vast natural seemingly desolate wasteland of mere cacti, agaves, yuccas and chaparral plants alone in the heat. Alas, above this desert’s plain arises clear possibilities to escaping into one of the greatest places on the planet!


Every springtime in the high desert cooler balmy air washes away any distraction lingering in our life - it's the desert's way of narrowing down life's perspectives. Suddenly, your body’s survival skills kick in and thoughts of foraging your food rings an alarm with water survival leading to thermal sleeping gear, firewood and whatever shelter is paramount. Questions arise how one can just plan ahead and may require a few trips to figure it out.

At the Borrego Springs, you’ll find a crossroads centered within a single local environment. Beginning with art and it's immediate surroundings, it's a desert town with a huge level valley with edges rising to high mountainous peaks. Borrego Springs becomes an oasis of activity and features many adequate hotel choices, casitas, restaurants and saloons; as well as, plentiful nearby desert parks to wander around an artful series of dinosaur-sized metal sculptures rusted in suntanned immensity right outside town and throughout the northern valley. Next, choosing a nomadic life there is primitive camping while visiting the austere scenic beauty. A super bloom of brightly colored flora allows unique desert birds, endangered Borrego sheep, flutterby insects, snakes and lizards to discover in real desolation.

Early in spring, an adventure finding the “Super Bloom” displays of desert wildflowers should be plan from January to May or later. The desert is a place requiring extreme patience, perhaps some walking and hiking enduring the heat, so then be sure having plenty of food and water. Stop in Borrego Springs Desert Association or Park Service for guide info to the best destinations.

Highly Recommended!

Borrego Springs is a smallish and artful town presenting something for all…
Beginning at Christmas Circle, the hub connects all highways around a compass rose leading in four directions. When camping, visitors are permitted to stay outdoors in any desolate area, and just off main roads. Sleeping under illuminated starry nights with no added street lamps of town allows a sky shining brightly and permits excellent observations. Swift moving breezes blow throughout the valleys and mountains soothing one's senses or ravaging your campsite. Daytime softens the coarseness of the desert sands, at sunset seems a grand accomplishment in a visit to your own backyard. Arriving to Borrego Springs there's the historical association bookstore, information centers, cool interior central library, and several art galleries. It’s an unique destination for viewing memorable landscapes opening to outlying adventures to enjoy.

Robert A. Bellezza,
Publisher, California Tour & Travel

Robert Bellezza’s 35-year career has focused on marketing to California’s statewide and national audiences publishing full color glossy travel and tourism magazines in the Golden State. He authored six innovative California tourbooks and 60 magazines featuring destinations from the Sierra to the Sea, each highlighting top resorts, attractions, craft food, wine and beer. He currently manages California Tour & Travel Magazine’s on-line portal featuring statewide events, entertainment reviews, and travel related stories.


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