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The Carlsbad Inn, downtown Carlsbad
Just Steps from the Beach

Carlsbad is a perfect getaway less than an hour’s drive from downtown San Diego to North County’s uninterrupted sun-drenched beaches. Shoreline walks with stunning sunset views offer a refreshing seaside ambiance. Although a smaller concentrated and forward thinking village just several streets from the ocean, visitors find a full range of attractions from surfboarding, biking, to natural foods, fresh mineral water or tasty craft beers.

At the center, Carlsbad Villagers are cheery and healthy enjoying excellent local pizzerias, art galleries and foundry works, theater, brew and wine tasting, antique shopping or clothes, each shop provides assured satisfying choices. Enjoy the ocean view with Carlsbad accommodations at the Carlsbad Inn, a tradition of leisure living downtown by the sea. 

Courtyard gardens, water fountains and paths frame an allure of oceananic vistas, as one practically inhales the view from the balcony of newly remodeled Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, located at town center. The lodge features the latest guest room decor directed to fulfilling all quests for paradise and a comfortable room. Add a stroll on the beach, surfing, kayaking, golfing, whale watching, or a walk to a nearby pier. All coastal destinations activities are abundant.


Family travel to Carlsbad becomes a complete treat after visiting Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium, attractions all in one location with great opportunities to engage in mere child’s play as you wander through. Carlsbad’s theme parks are located nearby the Armstrong Garden Center and famed CARLSBAD FLOWER FIELDS, picturesque pleasure in spring blooming against a bright blue sea and sky.

Another must see landmark is the LEO CARRILLO PARK, located east of Flower Fields on Mt. Palomar Airport Rd., and right at Melrose Dr., then 1 mile on the right.  Leo Carrillo Park is a monument to legend known for portrayals of Old West movie characters. The Old California residence has picturesque home, barn and outbuildings with Hollywood artifacts and great memorabilia.

Carlsbad Convention and Visitors Bureau, located at the Carlsbad Coaster Train Station along the tracks, and offers more information on the area attractions, call 800-CARLSBAD to check local events, or log on:

The Museum of Making Music provides intriguing curiosities for the young and seasoned pro.  Center to the array of historic musical instrument displays includes many interactive user-friendly exhibits. The visitor can demonstrate guitars, keyboard, drum kit or contemporary music devices associated with music creation. It is up to date through support  by a founding family member of the famed Steinway piano makers, and sponsorship by NAMM, the National Association of Music Manufacturers. The museum continues its mission of displaying and exchanging creative musical ideas and design.  For more info visit:

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Oceanside, California

Surf • Sun • Recreation

Star Attractions
California Surf Museum
Mission San Luis Rey de Francia
Mission San Antonio de Pala

California Surf Museum
Permanent Exhibit: A Brief History of Surfboards
Beginning with wooden plank surfboards reminiscent of surfing's roots in Polynesia, the exhibit follows surfboard evolution through the foam and fiberglass advances, the shortboard revolution, to surfboards being ridden by today's champions.

Permanent installation: The Secret Spot Walking out CSM’s back door into the permanent installation by Oceanside artist John Lamb, “Secret Spot” transports you to the middle of an amazing scene from an animated film. With John’s colorful images surrounding you on three sides, his trademark surfer is catching a huge wave, and the ocean water is lapping on the beach. A realistic looking rocky shore, complete with rock outcroppings for sitting, a sandy beach with foot prints, and ocean water you want to dip your toe in, are all created in concrete by Oceanside artist Brett Hazzard.

San Luis Rey de Francia

Founded in 1798 by
Franciscan Father Fermin Francisco de Lasuén

The eigtheenth California missions was founded by Fr. Fermin Franciso de Lasuén in 1798, and named King of the Missions honoring King Luis IX of France, who led crusades to the Holy Land in the 13th century. Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, perhaps is the grandest of all California Missions and originally consisted of over 6 acres of buildings. The mission became one of the most prosperous in the chain of all 21 California Spanish Missions built between 1769 and 1823, a period that transitioned from Spanish rulers, to Mexican governors, ultimately the  status of US Statehood in 1850, becoming the 31st State of the Union. Visit the mission today, enjoy the gardens, a retreat or just the beauty. It is located on US Highway 76, at the entrance of Mission Ave., 760-757-3651.

Mission San Antonio de Pala
A smaller mission extension, asistencia, was created by the friars in 1816, to house the Pala native Indian neophytes converted to the church had built a beautiful church. The oversight of Pala Mission grew in importance as several established nearby estancias included Rincon Chapel, La Jolla Chapel, Cahuilla Chapel, Santa Rosa Chapel, Temecula Chapel, Pichana Chapel, and Pauma Chapel. And, although falling into ruin after 35 years, Las Flores, an elaborate series of adobe buildings were built in 1823 by Father Antonio Peyri in a spot between Mission San Juan Capistrano and Oceanside.

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