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The latest San Diego UnTapped! 2020 edition is completely updated and revised as pocket sized guide. There are other new features including an improved neighborhood brewery map, new brewery listings, plus a short touring section on San Diego travel destinations. The main chapter, Brewery Tap & Tasting Rooms, features alphabetical listings on each brewery’s history, and with descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, websites. There are up-to-date details on San Diego craft brewing’s local, state and international competitions and awards. The second chapter, Concept, Color, Taste, Flavor, fully explains how brewers source quality ingredients in craft beer, mead, sake, and spirits meeting the high demand for craft products not ordinarily found on the average supermarket shelves, adding a thrill of discovering the freshest brewed craft, directly from the brewery’s own taps. The tour book provides a section for tasting notes, a neighborhood regional map, over 100 original brewery photos by the author, and third chapter outlining a tour of historical spots and destinations inside San Diego County.Reviewer Mamta Madhavan explains, "“San Diego UnTapped: A Guide to Brewery Tap & Tasting Rooms in “America’s Capital of Craft ” by Robert A. Bellezza takes readers on an interesting trip to the local brewing community and gives information about the beers and nuances of the brewers and their breweries. The author gives reasons why everyone should visit San Diego, and speaks about its vibrant renaissance revolution of professional breweries and how it can be a rewarding experience to all beer lovers. The book gives readers a guide to a slice of timeless adventure that awaits visitors at over 50 craft breweries and will make them follow the great beer trail the author has described. It is a book that everyone will enjoy reading as there is a lot of useful information about the process of brewing, brewing systems, and its growth in San Diego region.”Brewers are known to use ripened strawberry, watermelon, tangerine, exotic fruits for bringing attention to their new releases. Kettle sours and Barrel-aged beers are made in chardonnay, merlot, and pinot noir winery barrels, as well as wood bourbon, whiskey and tequila casks. The recipes often are adjusted by blending yeasts strains, exploring magical wild yeasts, or dry hopped herbal and fruit flavors. It’s a far cry from days of bland brands of homogenous American “Big Beer”. Abundant rewards are awaiting any beer aficionado to choosing award-winning fresh brews served right from the brewery’s own tasting room tap. San Diego UnTapped! features a guide with over 200 original photos with an innovative book design by the author, making the experience of San Diego’s craft breweries a much more easy and convenient adventure.

50 craft brewery excursions revealing hundreds of facts about San Diego's award-winning breweries and craft beer histories with detailed descriptions!

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