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San Diego, CA November 2017…San Diego UnTapped! he reveals a new vibrant renaissance of craft creating the many award-winning craft breweries established in the West Coast's southern most bay city. San Diego brewers speak for themselves connecting the dots at over 50 brewery tasting rooms with detailed descriptions and varieties of craft beer styles made in the nation's "Capital of Craft". Primary source interviews explain top selling beers enjoyed equally by visitors and the residents of San Diego. Pages within San Diego UnTapped! include an alphabetical index of tasting rooms and features descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, websites, and an easy to use informative map of San Diego neighborhood tap & tasting rooms. Within 200 pages, the book's 100 original photos of breweries offer suggestions and open the door for unique adventures throughout San Diego county. It’s a far cry from the days of homogeneous American bland brand “Big Beer”. A true adventure awaits aficionados or beginners to the thrill of the hunt, with many award-winning tasting rooms serving quality fresh craft from the brewery’s own taps – all within a 20-mile radius!

The second chapter expounds the author's theory of Concept, Color, Taste, Flavor, adding details on the main ingredients used by craft brewers making today's best beer varieties and styles. San Diego brewers offer natural flavors by adding ripened strawberry, watermelon, tangerine, or exotic fruit, along with barrel-aged beers stored in chardonnay, merlot, and pinot noir winery barrels; as well as, stronger tastes from wooden bourbon, whiskey and tequila casks. Each new craft beer product imparts distinct flavors, while blending magical wild yeast strains with seasonal fruit flavors, into perfectly brewed styles.

San Diego UnTapped! earns an awarding winning 'Five Stars' on-line review from the highly lauded and Readers' Favorite… reviewer Mamta Madhavan explains, “San Diego UnTapped! takes readers on an interesting trip to the local brewing community and gives information about the beers and nuances of the brewers and their breweries. The author gives reasons why everyone should visit San Diego, and speaks about its vibrant renaissance revolution of professional breweries and how it can be a rewarding experience to all beer lovers. The book is unique and original and the author handles a topic that is fascinating to many who do not have information about it. He handles the topic in an entertaining manner with a lot of pictures that will help readers connect well with the contents of the book."




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