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San Diego, CA November 2017…San Diego UnTapped! by Robert A. Bellezza is the definitive tour guide to San Diego breweries inside America’s “Capital of Craft.” Brewers speak for themselves about methods, tastes, and styles of beer connecting the dots to brewery tasting rooms throughout the county. There’s famous and lesser known craft breweries, home brewers, descriptions of quality beer, mead, and yeast, and the best choices for visiting. The list includes, Oceanside, Coronado, Ballast Point, Aztec, AleSmith, Belching Beaver, Stone, Amplified, Pure Project, Prohibition, Benchmark Brewing, plus many others.

The main chapter “Brewery Tap & Tasting Rooms,” lists breweries alphabetically and describes the background and beer styles of each. Plan an excursion using the neighborhood map. Find addresses, phone numbers and websites, plus hundreds of details and facts. A second chapter, “Concept, Color, Taste, Flavor explains San Diego’s commitment to quality brewed craft beer, mead, sake, spirits and other fine local products. Brewers often use ripened strawberry, watermelon, tangerine, and exotic fruits, bringing attention to their new releases. Find beer barrel-aged in chardonnay, merlot, and pinot noir oak barrels, as well as bourbon, whiskey and tequila casks, with many beers and sours blended by adding magical wild yeasts, or infused fruit flavors.

Abundant rewards await any beginner or true beer aficionado with award-winning fresh brews served right from the brewery’s own tasting room tap. Each beer is a far cry from the days of bland homogeneous American “Big Beer” brands, there’s no scarcity of brewing styles enhancing a beer’s flavor. The new guidebook San Diego UnTapped! features over 50 craft breweries, 100 original photos and book design by the author, making the exploration of San Diego’s breweries much more convenient, fun, and easy. 


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