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My experience in music links directly to using professional musical equipment and performing live on piano and keyboard over decades, throughout California. Music continues as the greatest benefit of my daily life over many years. It is an experience to share with students in regard to initial suggestions choosing a genre for lessons, instruments, and the techniques in playing, reading, and writing music. My knowledge of recording and mastering first-take recordings evolves from years of using different musical approaches, with the types and brands of equipment achieving the best ambient quality sound reproduction, speakers, amplifiers, using computers and software. I purchased an Ensonique Sampler keyboard in 1984, and still have recordings of sessions I used it in. I have a library of written and recorded artists and songs, I personally created for my archival library. I have collected records, tapes and printed music for nearly half a century. 

My musical mission spans over the answers to the most curious parts of musical notation, how to play piano; and, even knowing about tuning and harmonic theory. This includes music theory, and the potential to navigate styles and performance, with the abilities required in mastering solo expression; a primary feature. My studies of American music over decades includes writing melodies, harmonies, and learning about rhythmic expression. My work performing has always made the vocalist a top priority. Adding to my background performance venues, I actively work on marketing copy and images, and have made bookings of national artists, co-sponsoring fundraisers, playing solo keyboard and piano. I have been the guest photographer in Napa Valley and Monterey. I have spent a decade working with Latin Jazz, R&B, Blues, Boogie and Ballads breaking barriers of venues at wineries, craft breweries, Grand Openings, Art Gallery Exhibits, Foundation & Corporate Centers Funding, Music Theaters and Holiday Events, knowing the audience appeal and styles matching genres of music. My latest work involves the onboard features of the latest keyboard from Yamaha, the DGX670. The keyboard enables deep encryptions of data, organizing AI rhythmic genres, and adding stylized bass lines automatically, fitting the touch and sound programmed. The listener derives a unique experience from orchestral backgrounds and solo woodwinds, rock guitar, electronic synthesizers, with the effects added. This is arranged into complete one-take sessions for later release and exemplifies my style in teaching music. 

The underlying value lies with the direction of each student and knowing immediate needs, curiosities, learning experience, need for understanding compositional possibilities, playing melodies, harmonies, chordal scales, and record them. Know an ability for organizing the marketing needed to convey and progress in playing and performing. For further introductions, references, or latest opportunities to hear my work … 

SUNDAY LIVE PERFORMANCES: OAW in Oceanside, craft beer and entertainment at 1880 Ord Wy., Oceanside. 5-9PM

SoundCloud PERFORMANCES Online: